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Global DX Antennas offers you high quility built antennas. We are a friendly company for all radio enthousiasts.  Check out our GDX antennas

GDX-M2 2 elements Moxon Beam for 11 meter


Brand GDX-M2

2 elements Moxon Beam for 11 meter

Moxon Beam for 11 and 10 meter band Elements : 22-16 mm L:3.968 m Gain:6,3dbi Power:8.5 kw +-W:aprox P 5.50kg Mounting : 35 -50mm Boom square Tube 50 mm

Rotor platform GDX-RP1


Rotor platform GDX-RP1 t.b.v. Yaesu & Hy-gain

GDX-Y6S Shortboom Yagi Beam 11 meter 6 elements YAGI


6 Elements 11 Meter Yagi
GDX-Y6S stands for Shortboom Yagi
The designing frequcency is 27.555.00 Mhz
The antenna Gain is 8.12 dBD - 10.24 dBI



Type: GDX-Y4 4 element Yagi antenna Frequency range: tunable from 26.400 till 30.000 MHz Impedance 50Ω Radiation (H-plane): directional Polarization: linear horizontal Gain: 845 dBd, 11 dBi 13.14 SWR @ res. freq.: ≤ 1.2 Max. power: 2000 Watts (CW) co...

GDX-RAJ1 11 and 10 Meter J pole


The GDX-RAJ1 Jpole has Gain: 2,4 dBI and a SWR bandwidth 3500 Khz, the Lenght is aprox 8,10 m
Mastclamb-mounting is 40 till 60 mm. It is a rugged aluminium contruction and a element use in diameters, 42 till 16 mm



GDX-Y2 11 Meter Band 2 elements beam

GDX-Y2 is a base station or portable Yagi Beam antenna. The antenna provides a significantly higher gain than gama match driven antennas. Its wind resistance is until 140 km per hour. The 2 elements yagi beam i...

GDX-RAJ4 Multi band Jpole


The GDX-RAJ4 is a Multi band (10, 15, 18, CB 11 meter band) Jpole antenna

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