GDX-RAJ4 Multi Band Jpole (GDX Antennas)

The GDX-RAJ4 is a Multi band (10, 15, 18, CB 11 meter band) Jpole antenna

The GDX-RAJ4 is a Muliti band (10, 15, 18, CB 11 meter band) Jpole and has a max Gain: 2,5 dBI and a SWR bandwidth 3500 Khz, the Lenght is aprox 8.88 m
Mastclamb-mounting is 40 till 60 mm. It is a rugged aluminium contruction and a element use in diameter...

11 meter 2,4 DBI Gain swr 1.1.3
10 meter 2,4 DBI Gain swr 1.1.2
12 meter 2,5 DBI Gain swr 1.1.3
18 meter 1,88 DBI gain swr 1.1.4

The antenna has a waranty of 2 years on all parts
 Like a builder like stalker 

A lot of Antenna Builders claiming to be the first builder of the J-pole. The J pole comes in a lot of ideas and designs. See extra info. The J-pole antenna, also called the Zepp' antenna (short for Zeppelin), was first invented by the Germans for use in their lighter-than-air balloons.Trailed behind the airship, it consisted of a single element, one half wavelength long radiator with a quarter wave parallel feedline tuning stub. This was later modified into the J-pole configuration, which became popular with amateur radio operators because it is effectiven antenna conductors and the mounting structure. (This last sentence is debatable and ingnored by many builders). 

One design what never is made is the 4 band Jpole, 3 Ham Bands and the CB 11 meter band.
This is the first Aluminium rugged Antenna for the use of 4 band! 

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